BankWaqfPrinciples International is a trust fund established to provide financial services to the people in the name of Allah.Waqf is given in cash with the intention that cash is dealt with and invested in a productive way. The return from the investment will then be used for the benefit of eligible recipients of the Mauquf ‘Alaih (beneficiary).

BankWaqf International assist BankWaqf properties to be upgraded in terms of management, effectiveness, and given the function of banking that can develop the society economy in general.ex

BankWaqf International holds the principle that Waqf property should be nourished, so the value continuously reaches the benefits for all and our Waqf funds are prolonged and widened even after we leave this World.

The most efficient way is to raise Waqffunds and develop the value of Waqf fund / property through business activities and the mediation of BankWaqf between investors and businesses.