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How BankWaqf Works?

Identify Businesses

BankWaqf International identify businesses with the potential to develop community’s…

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Attract investors

BankWaqf International helps to attract investors through various marketing channels

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Waqf funds

BankWaqf International ensure the businesses utilise the Waqf funds well and to achieve …

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BankWaqf Fund Distribution

Reinvestment Fund - 40%

Nurturing the fund for BankWaqf business development

Reserve Fund - 10%

To meet future costs and financial obligations

Operation – 10%

To continuously operates to serve for you and the Ummah

Beneficiaries – 30%

This is BankWaqf International core section in managing Waqf fund to the development of economy and social

Microcredit (soft loan) – 10%

Free Riba’ finance provider for small and medium businesses. The amount is given, the same amount borrower will have to pay with no limit of time

We Provide financial services to the people in the name of Allah.


Reinvestment Fund


Reserve Fund






Microcredit (soft loan)

BankWaqf Beneficiaries


Development of universities, colleges, and schools with updated and practical syllabus
Integration of religious syllabus and academic syllabus
Affordable tuition fee for all

Public Facilities

Energy supply solution(for example, the drink water free distribution at Phillipines)
Free, open, and fair marketplace
Facilities maintenance and enhancement


Consistent assitance of cash and other necessasities for Asnaf
Affordable health service and medicine for all community


Affordable health service and medicine for all community


Affordable house for the less fortunate youth

Have potential to empower the economy and
the people across the world.
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